There are many Bufo toad species, but Bufo Alvarius is the most commonly known that produces a milky-white venom that contains large amounts of the potent hallucinogen, 5-MEO-DMT. It’s a high purity therapeutic-spiritual experience of healing, which makes us recover the memory of what we are, and helps heal repressed emotions.

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Ibogaine sessions are very rewarding, but they're also mentally and physically exhausting. The ibogaine experience usually lasts between 24 to 36 hours, followed by 2 or 3 days of recovery time. The length of stay at the ICS Healing House for an ibogaine session is typically 5 to 7 days, but this really depends on the reason(s) for the ibogaine session, and the time it takes the person to recover.

✽ What is Kambo?

Kambo is a tribal medicine used by Amazonian tribes. It is the venon secretion of the Phyllomedusa bicolor frog. It promotes self awareness, heals physical, spiritual, and mental negative energies.

Why do people seek ibogaine?

Our focus here at ICS has always been addiction interruption, and while we do prefer to work with the most severely opiate dependent population, many do come for other addictions, and for other reasons. We always try to accommodate if possible. Ibogaine therapy isn't a one method fits all type of medicine. Different issues require different protocols. If you have any questions regarding something that's not addiction related, please fill out the contact form and we'll try our best to help.

Ibogaine is an isolated alkaloid from the root bark of the Tabernanthe Iboga Shrub, which grows in West Central Africa. There are many other plants that carry similar alkaloids, and in most of these plants, ibogaine is only present in very small amounts, if any at all. Some clinics do use ibogaine that has been extracted from Voacanga Africana, using this ibogaine is said to be a tougher experience and the extract is said to be less effective. This is why ICS only uses ibogaine that has been derived from the Tabernanthe Iboga Shrub.

Ibogaine is best known for its abilities to instantly eliminate drug withdrawal signs and interrupt drug cravings. But, it’s also known to cure or treat people who are suffering from certain mental health issues, such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, bipolar disorder, focus issues, Parkinson's disease, + many more.

Note: ibogaine can be a one dose fix for withdrawal and certain mental health issues, but not everyone can take ibogaine. Certain health conditions and medications may prevent (or delay) you from taking ibogaine.


All medicines used by ICS are naturally occurring substances, which are not approved by Health Canada for any type of treatment. ICS provides a safe environment for people to heal and experience these indigenous medicines, under the supervision of a medical professional, and/or with a trained practitioner that has adequate knowledge and experience with each provided medicine. The types of medicines used by ICS could potentially be dangerous (or fatal) if taken without the proper knowledge, or without an experienced practitioner. ICS medicines may be dangerous (or fatal) if combined with other medications/drugs. Proper medical screening is important to determine a persons health condition prior to taking certain ICS medicines, as certain pre-existing health conditions combined with ICS medicines may be dangerous (or fatal).

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❁ What is ICS?

ICS is a rapid-detox/healing house that provides a safe environment for people to heal, relax, and to experience some of the worlds most powerful indigenous medicines.


Kambo sessions are short-lived and very intense. The Kambo experience lasts on average between 20 to 60 minutes. Sessions include the burning of small points on the skin, using traditional Peruvian tribal burning sticks, and then the application of kambo to each point. Kambo is a purgative and is not a hallucinatory substance. The recovery time for this powerful medicine is within 60 minutes, so there is no need for an extended stay at the ICS Healing House.  


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ICS provides private medically monitored rapid-detox in the beautiful city of Calgary, Canada. We specialize in Kambo and ibogaine rapid-detox for those who suffer from severe addictions. We do not provide a clinic/hospital feeling atmosphere, as it's commonly known thatset and setting are important when experiencing medicines of this caliber. Our location is luxurious, very discreet, and our services are 100% confidential. We only offer one on one private sessions.

❀ What is Ibogaine?

Ibogaine is one of the many alkaloids derived from the Tabernanthe Iboga shrub. It has proven to work as a unique medicine that eliminates drug withdrawal and interrupts drug cravings.